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July 24, 2012
Given the technical challenges that stand in its way, the “holodeck” (as envisioned on Star Trek:The Next Generation) may not actually arrive until the 24th century. But that’s not stopping a group of Rensselaer researchers with the under—construction Emergent Reality Lab (one of them a former Star Trek producer) from exploring how the elements of a good holodeck program […]
July 17, 2012
I’m Michelle Riedman, a civil engineering (structures) graduate student working with Professor Christopher Letchford and Professor Michael O’Rourke. We are currently conducting a research project for the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) entitled “Determining the Remaining Fatigue Life of In-Situ Mast-Arm Traffic Signal Supports.” Harry White is the NYSDOT project manager while my […]
Guest Blogger: Michelle Riedman
July 11, 2012
As part of the celebration surrounding last week’s announcement that physicists had discovered the Higgs boson particle—a subatomic particle which is theorized to imbue elementary particles with mass—the Albany Times Union interviewed Rensselaer’s own Professor of Physics Jim Napolitano about the finding. In the article in which he is quoted, Napolitano helped explain the importance of […]
Of the Higgs Boson and the Bubble
July 9, 2012
June 22 marked a special milestone for scientific and medical research on the Rensselaer campus, with the opening of the New York State-funded Rensselaer Center for Stem Cell Research. The new facility is located in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS). New York State Department of Health Commissioner Nirav Shah and Rensselaer President […]
3° with Glenn Monastersky
June 21, 2012
Here’s a question: If we assume that if I win the lottery I will be poor. And I win the lottery. Am I poor? Logically, the answer is “yes.” It’s not an intuitive answer, but the conclusion does follow the assumptions. This premise—that the conclusions must follow the assumptions—is the basis of “deductive reasoning,” a skill taught […]
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