Commencement 2015: Resilience and Strength in Business and Management

Rensselaer Lally School of Management Students Reflect on Leadership, Technology, and Innovation in Business

May 12, 2015


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute business students and alumni and alumnae at the Lally School of Management are transforming the world every day in fields ranging from accounting, business analytics, marketing, and finance, to management information systems, international management, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, and consulting.

Two Lally students from the graduating Class of 2015, Chloe Hutchinson and Steven Moretti, are highlighted below. They represent some of the many dedicated Rensselaer students who want to answer the challenges of a rapidly changing global economy, whether as innovative decision makers in existing companies, or as self-propelled entrepreneurs.

“Chloe and Steven are outstanding representatives of Rensselaer students at Lally,” said Thomas Begley, dean of the Lally School. “Their current and future success is rooted in their analytical abilities, relationships and team building, a global perspective, and leadership skills. We wish them and the entire graduating Class of 2015 all the best as they positively impact the world of business and management.”

Leading With Purpose – Chloe Hutchinson ’15

Chloe Hutchinson ’15, a senior undergraduate student at the Lally School, knows what it means to be a strong leader and collaborate with others to achieve a greater purpose or goal. This May, the New Hartford, N.Y. native will graduate with a B.S. in business and management, and a minor in economics (with concentrations in finance, supply chain management, and international management). She will use these skills daily in her job at Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado, working as a procurement representative for Space Systems.

“To be a strong leader you must be able to collaborate, guide, and communicate well with others of different skill and interest levels,” said Hutchinson. “If you can find a way to motivate and bring people together for a goal or initiative, you can have a much more significant impact together as a team or organization.”

Hutchinson learned a lot of about collaboration in her group projects with other Lally students, but also in her classes with students from other academic disciplines such as the School of Engineering and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

Her leadership skills also developed outside of the classroom in multiple roles, including as captain of the Rensselaer women’s varsity field hockey team, president of the Student Athletic Academic Committee (SAAC), vice president of Epsilon Delta Sigma Management Honor Society (EDS), and an active member of multiple clubs including the Student Managed Fund. 

Hutchinson notes that with outstanding advances in technology and their impact on business, employees are still faced with ethical decisions – some simple and some very complex. She encourages her fellow graduates to pursue their passions in business and in life, and do what they think is right when faced with such decisions.

Innovation That Unites - Steven Moretti ’15

Steven Moretti ’15, a graduate student at Lally, welcomes any opportunity to use innovation to bring together others to advance public policy. This August, the Cranston, Rhode Island native will graduate with a Master of Business Administration degree. Upon graduation, he would like to use these experiences in a job that allows him to create or influence policy for social and civic benefit.

Moretti’s experience collaborating with others includes: director in the Lally Graduate Management Student Association (GMSA), a co-president in a student-run consulting group, and team leader in his product development class project. On his spring MBA class trip to Washington, D.C., he was part of a team that pitched an economic development initiative to Congressman Chris Gibson (R-NY 19th District).

Additionally, by working on projects with other schools at Rensselaer, such as the School of Science and the School of Engineering, Moretti learned the importance of qualitative evidence and developing constructive ways to measure success.

“By utilizing innovative technologies, we can build relationships, products, and companies that can address even the greatest problems that challenge our world today,” said Moretti. “With this approach in hand, I am now able to create solutions for the future that can unite others and solve problems.”

Moretti also explains that technology has enabled businesses to better understand their customers, automate key practices, improve employee connectedness, and support managers in making optimal decisions. He advises his fellow graduates to take a proactive approach to solving a problem or achieving a goal, and to collaborate frequently with others from different types of jobs and industries to achieve action.

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Written By Julie Tracy
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