Linda Schadler Named Russell Sage Professor at Rensselaer

January 12, 2012


Nanomaterials expert Linda Schadler has been named the Russell Sage Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. An endowed professorship is among the highest honors bestowed on a Rensselaer faculty member.

“The faculty, students, staff, and alumni of the School of Engineering join me today in congratulating Dr. Schadler on her appointment to the Russell Sage Chair,” said David Rosowsky, dean of the School of Engineering at Rensselaer. “Linda is known throughout the global materials engineering community as a leader in nanomaterials and polymers research. Closer to home, she is also an indispensible member of the School of Engineering leadership team. Every day, her contributions make Rensselaer and the School of Engineering a better place to learn, study, work, and succeed.”

A professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Schadler is also the associate dean for academic affairs for the Rensselaer School of Engineering. She started her academic career as a faculty member at Drexel University in Philadelphia before joining Rensselaer in 1996. She was named associate professor in 1999 and full professor in 2003.

A prolific researcher, Schadler is author or co-author on more than 120 peer-reviewed journal papers, and was co-author of the 2003 book, Nanocomposite Science and Technology. Her research interests include the mechanical, optical, and electrical behavior of nanofilled polymer composites. These experimental studies have broad applications in materials science and engineering, from improved insulating materials for high-voltage electrical transmission to the emerging field of nanomanufacturing.

Additionally, Schadler is one of three executive producers of the Molecularium Project. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and others, the Molecularium team has created two animated movies to teach young children about the world of atoms and molecules. The movies, Riding Snowflakes and Molecules to the MAX!, have garnered many awards. Both movies have been translated into several languages, and are currently playing in educational theaters around the world.

Schadler received an NSF Young Investigator award in 1994 and the Bradley Stoughton Award for Teaching from ASM International in 1997. Among her many other awards are the Dow Outstanding New Faculty award from the American Society of Engineering Education in 1998 and the 2008 Outstanding Professor Award from the Rensselaer School of Engineering. Schadler is a fellow of ASM International and a former member of the National Materials Advisory Board of the National Academy of Sciences. Last year, she was named as one of the “Top 100 Materials Scientists” of 2000-10 by Thompson Reuters. She currently serves as a member of ASM International’s Board of Trustees. 

Schadler graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in materials science and engineering, and received her doctorate in materials science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked at IBM Yorktown Heights for two years as a post-doctoral researcher.

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