Annual U.S. News Ranking Places Rensselaer Among the Best National Research Universities in the U.S.

September 12, 2012

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The annual ranking of Rensselaer by U.S. News & World Report — 41st in the nation among national research universities — is one of a number of recent external surveys that recognize the high quality of a Rensselaer education. The new rankings and other recent surveys confirm that the Institute remains among the top national research universities in the world, and that the Rensselaer School of Engineering and the Lally School of Management and Technology remain among the leading schools in their categories.

The Rensselaer Plan has allowed Rensselaer to transform the institution into a leading technological university. That plan is currently being refreshed to address the new realities and challenges of the 21st century. The Rensselaer priorities remain the same: development of the best educational and research programs and facilities for students, faculty, and researchers.

 In addition to the new U.S. News ranking, several other organizations — based on a research among students, employers, other universities and other external audiences — recently placed Rensselaer high in their rankings. Here are some recent examples:

  • Princeton Review – Based on interviews with students, this education services company highlighted the quality of the Rensselaer academic programs, student life, and facilities.
  • Business Insider – This business website known for its ongoing research on financial, media, technology and other industries, ranked Rensselaer fourth on its list of the world’s best 50 engineering schools – based on surveys of engineers, professionals, and entrepreneurs at technology companies.
  • Wall Street and Technology – In their first national study of the top technology schools from which Wall Street firms hire the best IT specialists, Rensselaer was ranked in the top five, along with Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, and Georgia Tech.
  • Forbes – This international business magazine ranked Rensselaer as one of the “Ten Colleges That Are Great Brands,” citing the successful rebranding that began in Year 2000 under The Rensselaer Plan.
  • Business Week – this international business magazine (and Bloomberg wire service) ranked Rensselaer — and the Lally School of Management and Technology —  second on its list of the top 10 business schools with the best financial aid.
Press Contact Michael Mullaney
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