CASE Faculty Invited To Speak at NYS Innovation Summit

November 1, 2023


Alexandros Tsamis, the associate director of the Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology (CASE) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, recently spoke at the New York State Innovation Summit. Tsamis was invited to participate in the panel discussion on materials innovation for manufacturing sustainability.

Tsamis examined the potential impact for advanced materials in the construction industry and how sustainability might influence the shift of global research and translation in New York.

“As we evolve as a society, we have to divorce ourselves from the ethos of industrial production and become more conscious of the lifecycles of our materials,” Tsamis said. “Similar to how we can no longer pretend that the chicken comes from the supermarket, we also need to acknowledge the environmental impact of our materials and construction processes. As designers, we are responsible for creating economies of material production that are resilient and circular in nature.”

More than 400 people and 100+ exhibitors attended the Summit.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul and Rensselaer President Martin Schmidt were among the keynote speakers at the event.

Sponsored by Fuzehub, the NYS Innovation Summit is a premier conference showcasing emerging technologies that support innovation and manufacturing advancement while celebrating New York State leadership in economic growth.

Written By Jeanne Hedden Gallagher
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