Controlling Prosthetic Limbs With Your Mind

In the short video above an adorable little monkey is eating marshmallows. What is exceptional about this little monkey is not his love of sticky sweets, but the way he is grabbing them. This particular monkey has tiny, freckle-sized sensors in its brain. The electrical signals from these sensors are allowing the monkey to control [...]

3° with Ryan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert is a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, who recently received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award. We ask Ryan about his work: Q: You’re endeavoring to create new biomaterials that can be used to treat spinal injuries. How did you get interested in this topic? A: At Case Western Reserve University, my [...]

Research Doodles: Pushers and Pullers

Here’s an obvious statement: science and engineering research topics can be challenging to understand. When you drill down deep into a discipline, the concepts, lingo, and implications can get very esoteric very quickly. Now here’s something you may not have previously thought about: as trying as it is to understand certain research topics, it’s even [...]

Ligands of Renown

Congratulations are in order for chemical engineering professors Steven Cramer and Shekhar Garde, who recently had their research featured on the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. The paper, which features beautiful scientific imagery and renderings, combines Cramer’s prowess in chromatography with Garde’s mastery of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. In the paper, Cramer [...]

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