RPI Alumnus Featured in Discovery Network’s “Veteran’s Playbook”

A class at RPI inspired Daryian Rhysing ’16 and his wife, Evaguel, to found United Aircraft Technologies

October 30, 2023


U.S. Army Veteran and RPI alumnus Daryian Rhysing, who graduated in 2016 with a degree in computer and systems engineering, was featured in an episode of Veteran’s Playbook airing on Discovery Network’s Destination America Channel. The show seeks to inspire active military and veterans to consider business ownership as a viable path to success and fulfillment. 

He and his wife, Evaguel, were featured in an episode airing on October 25. The episode appears on Veterans Playbook YouTube channel: https://veteransplaybook.com/episode-4/

Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of the lifeblood of RPI, which has a long history of students who innovate and submit provisional patents to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Many start companies while students or soon after graduation.

Rhysing and his wife are co-founders of United Aircraft Technologies (UAT), which has created a new class of clamps for aircraft wiring that are designed to reduce weight, improve safety, decrease CO2 emissions, and simplify maintenance through the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The Inter-Connecting Clamp and UAT came into fruition as a result of Rhysing’s years of experience as an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Army. Hours spent maintaining and fixing the wiring systems of aircraft by installing and replacing today’s outdated clamps caused him to develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to the constant strain in his hand muscles.

With support from the Veteran Administration’s Yellow Ribbon Program, Rhysing enrolled at RPI, where he was inspired to take his idea for the clamp to the next level. He took a sequence of three courses that immerse students in the tools and techniques of engineering innovation so that they can become leaders of technological innovation. The three Inventor’s Studio courses provide a forum for students to enhance and utilize their critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills to innovate.

In addition to the Inventor’s Studio courses, there are several makerspaces and fabrication spaces on RPI’s campus, as well as competitions that encourage students to submit business plan proposals and pitches.

“Inventor’s Studio sparked my interest in entrepreneurship,” said Rhysing. “It encouraged me to pursue new ideas and gave me the determination to turn them into reality.”

Written By Tracey Leibach
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