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January 14, 2015
The college application deadline is fast approaching and within a few short months, it will be decision day for millions of students who must declare where they plan to go to college. Students will take many factors into consideration when making their decision –including size of the student body, location of the institution, availability of […]
Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Research University
December 3, 2014
  Among my favorite research projects at Rensselaer are two – the Jefferson Project at Lake George, and the Image Based Ecological Information System (IBEIS) – that use data and computation to understand and protect our environment. So my interest was piqued when I heard researchers involved with the two projects were planning a collaboration. […]
Plankton Cam! – The Jefferson Project & IBEIS Collaborate
October 14, 2014
On a windy day on Lake George, when the surface is whipped into white-caps, you might wonder: where is all that water going? The answer, in astonishing detail, is within our grasp as a network of sensors is deployed throughout the watershed as part of the Jefferson Project at Lake George, a partnership between Rensselaer […]
On the Water with the Jefferson Project at Lake George
August 7, 2014
A group of middle school students from the Greater Amsterdam School District got a taste of college life as part of a program offered by the Center for Initiatives in Pre-College Education this summer. The students spent a week on campus learning how to build and program robots and working together to put their robots […]
Middle schoolers master robotics at Rensselaer
July 28, 2014
Great communication about science neatly and elegantly explains immensely complex concepts (think: Neil DeGrasse Tyson at his best) in language that non-scientists can understand and relate to. Great communication about science is also really difficult to do. Science is messy, complex concepts are interconnected, and knowledge is constantly growing and changing. The nature of a […]



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